SoccerSkybox for Treasurers

Create, track, and manage your Team’s budget and payments all in one place online

No more outdated spreadsheets, manual checks, and runs to the bank

Benefits for You

  • Determine how much each parent owes and optionally build a detailed budget to include line-items for each expense
    • Eliminating the need for parents to ask you how much they owe you, if they have paid you yet, or how the money is collected is being used
  • Parents know exactly what they owe, by when, and can make all payments securely online (payments made through major credit cards as well as ACH bank accounts)
    • Eliminating the need for you to track them down to collect payments
  • Payments made by parents are updated automatically against your budget
    • Eliminating the need for you to manually enter who has paid and who hasn’t
  • Get real-time access to your team’s account balance
    • Eliminating the need to guess whether or not you can afford another expense
  • Money collected is moved directly into your bank account or sent to you
    • Eliminating the need for you to deliver checks to the club or the bank
  • The Team Budget is fully integrated with the team’s SoccerSkybox Team Management Site
    • Eliminating the need to invite members separately to another application or use email for communicating on the team budget
  • Contact us to learn more
  • Ask your Team Manager to create a Team Site Now - then add your budget and start collecting online payments