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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: How can I purchase the discounted tickets?
  • A: Complete this order form and we will contact you to confirm the tickets you want to purchase and collect payment.
  • Q: How many tickets can I purchase?
  • A: You can purchase as many $20 tickets as you’d like (while supplies last). Each SoccerSkybox member can purchase a limit of two total tickets for the $30 price.

    So say you want to purchase 4 tickets and you are a SoccerSkybox member - you’ll get the first two tickets for $30 and the next two tickets for $20 each - for a total of $70. If you are not a SoccerSkybox member and you want 4 tickets - that will be a total of $80 (4 tickets at $20 each).
  • Q: Can a group of us (e.g. a team of players/parents/families/friends) sit together?
  • A: Yes, but please be sure to order all tickets that you want on the same order form.

    We will communicate with the main point of contact on the order form and they can distribute the tickets accordingly.
  • Q: Which games are eligible for these discounted prices?
  • A: Any remaining 2017 regular season home games (while supplies last) except the final game on October 22nd.

    View the latest schedule: https://www.dcunited.com/schedule. This is the last season that DC United will be playing at historic RFK Stadium!
  • Q: Where will the seats be located?
  • A: These will be sideline seats. However, depending on the game and when you purchase the tickets - the location may change.

    We will confirm the location with you before we process payment to ensure your satisfaction with the seating.
  • Q: By when do I need to purchase these tickets?
  • A: The tickets order form must be completed 48 business hours before the kickoff of the game you are interested in attending.
  • Q: How will I receive the tickets?
  • A: Once we have confirmed your order, seating location, and taken payment, we will send you electronic tickets to your email address so you can print the tickets
  • Q: Do I have to be a SoccerSkybox member to purchase the tickets?
  • A: You have to be a SoccerSkybox member only to get your first two tickets for $30 total. You don’t need to be a SoccerSkybox member to purchase the $20 tickets.
  • Q: Does it cost anything to become a SoccerSkybox member?
  • A: No it is free.
  • Q: Are there any other benefits in purchasing the discounted tickets through SoccerSkybox?
  • A: Yes, we will have drawings for match day activities such as the player tunnel. There is also a chance to win DC United signed gear by the players such as jerseys and balls.

    DC United Signed Gear
  • Q: Who do I contact with additional questions?
  • A: You can contact us at success@SoccerSkybox.com.